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Filet Mignon

We are proud to be the best full-service meat locker in our area. Our butchers will cut your meat the way you want it. We can also special order, so inquire with us today!

The goal of our meat locker is to provide an amazing product to customers and at the same time, help boost our local economy. We all know South Dakotans have a reputation for being hard working, family oriented people. This reputation will be that same foundation for 281 Meats.

Local Farm Fresh Beef

We serve local farmers by providing custom cuts and servings. The beef will have a minimum hanging age of 14 days but, if requested, can age up to 28 days. Beef will be processed to meet the needs and wants of 281 Meats customers. 



We serve local farmers doing custom cuts and servings. Pork is cut to meet the custom requests of the clients. We have special smoking techniques that are one of a kind and hard to beat.



We are happy to serve local farmers with their requests on the specialty cuts of lamb.

Wild Game

Customers may set up to have their wild game processed to meet their wants of cuts such as jerky, meat sticks, or summer sausage. Special smoking techniques will be used to meet your desired needs.

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